The Juxtaposition of Everything

G.G. streams her consciousness.

Gunmetal Geisha

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It’s not exactly a win when you get a respite from the Black Mirror episode you’re trapped in (that involves an evil circus) if it’s because you got distracted by your own petty problems for a second. Today I woke up from a nightmare into a bad dream that wasn’t a dream. In the nightmare, my petty problem — let’s go ahead and call her Petty Goblin — intersected with the clown-in-chief who’s been ruining everybody’s day. Petty Goblins have personalities, just like cats and dogs. And sometimes cockroaches. My Petty Goblin is kooky and manipulative all at once, with a big-ass chip on her shoulder. I’m not thrilled with dream god Morpheus for sticking two assholes in one nightmare for me, thus leaving me bone-tired on a day I have to deal with the fact that both assholes actually exist in wakefulness.

I tried to appeal to her splotchy…

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