Penguin Ponderings – Eleanor Roosevelt

When the tough part of tough love falls on yourself.

Flying Through Water


This past weekend the words of Eleanor Roosevelt kept running through my head. I had to do something that made me look bad in the eyes of many people who do not know my situation. It was beyond hard. It was embarrassing. It made me look like I don’t care about someone that I care deeply for. The reason I did what I did was out of care and concern for the very person it appeared that I didn’t care for!! It’s maddening.

Long story short: Our niece is getting married. She is a sweet girl who I love very much. Her bridal shower was this weekend and I am probably the only woman in town (or nearby towns) in my husbands family that did not go. Why didn’t I go?

Her mother…Steve’s sister…doesn’t like me. I don’t mean she could take or leave me…I mean she can’t stand to be…

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