Hasty on the enduring battle



What keeps me alive when all I feel I should do is die?

This battle I have promised to fight. I did not sign up for it. I didn’t go lookingfor itbut it found me nonetheless. It finds so many of us.

I forgot my meds. Atactical error that depressionwill pounce on.I forgot them one stupid night and I end up fighting for my life again. Not only do I end up fighting this battle but those I love end up fighting too. You wouldn’t understand if you don’t have depression. It’s a real cuss because you need people and then you make the choice to push them as far away as possible. You instinctually push them out of the way as if you are the speeding car, or an oncoming train, or a barreling bullet.The smarter you are about depression and the lies it tells the smarter depression gets…

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