Working out when you’re over weight looks stupid and will make you laugh

Devon shares a work out story.

Devon J Hall

That’s what I learned today.

I am lucky in that I have a DVD Player that connects to both Netflix and Youtube. This gives me the ability to watch these skinny scrawny girls tell me how easy a work out is when I’m so heavily overweight. EL OH EL! No Darlings, these work outs are not easy, not when you’re first starting out.

However I have to say that rather than feeling defeated I found myself laughing. Hysterically at how silly I looked with my dog rolling his eyes at me as I tried to crunch and thrust and do a “Gorilla pose” swaying my hands left to right.

I laughed even harder when Whalley thought I was having a heart attack while trying to lean my body back and sway my legs left and right in the air.

No working out while you’re over weight and just starting is…

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