Warrior of Avoidance

Read Alfa’s words and understand



He wanted me to explain it…

Tell him why I wore distance affixed to my soul like a badge of honor.

And I wanted to tell him. I really did. But I didn’t know where to begin.  How do you find the origin? For as long as I can remember I’ve felt that people are bad. That they were put on this earth to judge me. Nit-pick. Find my flaws and highlight them.  I feared strangers as a child, but if I’m honest I feared people in general. With people come hidden agendas, and intentions, and I was always taught to be on guard. Not trusting people was ingrained into my core, and I’ve lived wielding a sword for a lifetime now.

I am the Warrior of Avoidance.

I knew something wasn’t right when I was 11.

I didn’t want to go outside and play with other kids. Just the…

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