I heard on the news this afternoon some spokesperson for somebody (probably the guy in the White House) using the term, “politically motivated” to dismiss as somehow irrelevant or unimportant the law suit that resulted in the release of a vast trove of emails between the then Attorney General of Oklahoma and the fossil fuel industry. Suddenly the utter nonsense of that struck me. Of course it is politically motivated. It is politics. The plaintiffs wanted to find out what someone holding elective office had been doing, or, in this case, confirm their well founded suspicions of what he had been doing. That is a political act.

adjective: political: relating to the government or the public affairs of a country.

Lets get this straight, if anybody does something in the political realm it is politically motivated. They are trying to accomplish some goal relating to the government or the public affairs of a country. That includes the silly formula of criticizing an action as “politically motivated”. In fact the phrase is very nearly redundant. Political actions do not happen by random chance. Somebody is motivated to decide to do them.

I want this particular abuse of our language and logic, this bit of Double Speak boiler plate, to go away. Oh, well, fat chance of that.

BTW, yes, that bought and paid for public official was doing exactly what we all knew he was doing all along, with clear political motivation. Surprise, Surprise!


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