Guest post: Jerry E. Smith – Hand is a verb

Sue brings a poem of truth from Jerry E. Smith.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Between the hands is an awesome place.

There, you  have the power to:

Caress a loved one or strike out in anger.

Build up a mountain of brick, mortar and concrete or

Tear down a mountain of rock.

Create volumes of literature, paint myriads of art work,

Compose epic poetry and sonata’s of music.


Write really hateful words, build bombs, wield weapons

To spread fear and terror, hold cameras to record

Horrendous acts. You can hold down victims

While doing atrocious things to them,


You can reach out to lift up those who are down,

You can sooth the fears and hurts of the victims,

You can act preemptively to prevent abuses, and

You can create trust between peoples of vastly

Different backgrounds.

Of all these things you can do with your hands, which

Ones do you think will benefit you, your family and

Friends? Which actions will…

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