Hasty – what the title says



I had so many

Simple dreams

Like rivers

Flowing endless

Through my veins

I had no reason

To believe in them

Or to deconstruct

Their every seam

But I caved

Into a senseless

Desperate yearning

These ambitions

Were much more

Than imagining

So indulgent

Where these desires

I’d dwell on them

On every daydream

In focused detail

Extracting each image

For a deeper meaning

Looking for all the ways

I could set them free

Searching for the means

Of making them

My chosen reality

Of giving them life

Making them my destiny

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The Weyward Sisters: Songs of Ophelia A Collaboration from the Women of Sudden Denouement


Sudden Denouement Collective

you must remember

rosemary, pansies, fennel,

columbine and rue,

You forgot tansy, didn’t you?

When the ground freezes over

And your flowers crumble and brown

Let the ice in Hamlet’s Heart

And the Red on his hands

Deliver him forever from you.

And when you return again

From your journey to the sea

Never forget

It is you.

It was never he.

Rana Kelly/2nd star to the Left, straight on ’til morning

I sat and watched the current roll by today

I think I’d like to float away to a place that I cannot say

You were always directing the rivers flow

I trusted you knew where it would go

But you let me go adrift

Dream chaser isn’t that what you always said?

You’re where the love has always been

Dream chaser dream chaser

don’t mock me now

Its not always the same

You will find me in this…

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Mind Fuck

Nicole makes a poem that fits the title and strikes to what abuse is really about.

Nicole Lyons


Perhaps it wasn’t
only my hair
he had knotted
in his fist;
for upon my release
I found my mind
had been pulled
as if it had knees
on which I would beg
as I crawled toward him,
neck deep in a pool
of silver and my name;
reaching to cling
to the tip
of his forked tongue.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

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Five Things I Learned This Week

The Skinny One has been learning some things.

I Ruin Joy

Things I learned this week1. If you have an abortion, you are exactly the same as Hitler. Yep, killing one baby is exactly the same as 42 million. Yep, because one dollar and 42 million dollars are the same.

2. Pro-life people will threaten you with death just because you support abortion. Yep, so true, my support of a pregnant 14 year old wanting an abortion is cause for my murder. Totally. It’s entirely logical.

3. If you eat meat, you are also like Hitler. Chickens have the exact same value as people now, did you know that?

4. Vegans get really mad if you mix them up with vegetarians.

5. It is suddenly acceptable to compare law abiding citizens to Hitler. That is suddenly everyone’s go to insult, “you’re just like Hitler.” Am I? Am I really?

Yep, that’s me, just like Hitler….

BONUS: You know what else I learned this week? All…

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My Manic Mind – WBD 2017

Nicole brings back a classic.

Nicole Lyons

I wrote My Manic Mind a couple of years ago to explain what mania feels like for me. I tried to write it in a way that everyone, bipolar or not, could understand and possibly relate to.

My Manic Mind has been featured on Feminine Collective and was published in their gorgeous book, Raw & Unfiltered, and I would like to share it again for everyone who follows the site and may not have had the chance to read it.

Happy World Bipolar Day, everyone. Welcome to My Manic Mind.


I have bipolar disorder and sometimes, well sometimes, I think I’m blessed because of it. Now I’m not trying to glamorize mental illness; trust me when I tell you I’ve been to Hell and back so many times I have frequent flier miles. But I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t miss some of the more intense moments…

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Unique, Volume 3

Stacy brings more of Unique’s story


By Stacey Lehrer

EDITOR’S NOTE: Get caught up here on Unique’s story.

They eventually won the appeal, allowing Unique to continue staying in the SCL placement. By that point I’d watched Unique’s worst fear of totally losing control play out. She couldn’t have any kind of conversation that made sense, and often didn’t seem to know who I was. When I visited that summer she was convinced that she had just been in an awful car accident, and that she had all kinds of broken bones and wounds. She sobbed that she didn’t want me to see her like that. Not long after that, she stopped talking completely, for a period of several months. I still called her every day, and had one-sided conversations, to the sound of her breathing, or sometimes crying. In the middle of that, she moved to a new city, to a new house, with new…

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