A New Beginning Of Thoughts And Life

Veronike is back with a new beginning.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

Life has been one crazy journey. For the past three years I ran a blog called Daisies and Darkness. Don’t bother looking for it – it no longer exists. What that blog represented to me was my journey with depression and darkness and a constant battle of the mind. There weren’t many long-lived daisies, only brief ones which never quite grew much for long before whatever daisies had been planted were too sparse to be noticed amidst all the darkness. I stopped one day and considered the 700 or so posts I had written over the past three years and felt a sense of sadness as I recalled a few. Yes, it was a great source of help and inspiration in getting through depression and darkness, so I was told, but it was also a sense of only darkness and had become something my soul no longer wished to have…

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