Why Being Alone May Be The Best Thing For You Even If It Doesn’t Feel That Way

Veronike writes on being alone.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

Being a natural introvert all my life, being alone has come naturally to me. But that doesn’t mean I have never fiercly craved human interaction and have an extroverted side to me. Human interaction and loving relationships are of the most important and basic needs of life. We were not created to live isolated. But there’s a big difference between isolation and solitude. If anything, my past relationships have taught me that being alone in solitude with myself is a necessity to live a worthy life and is needed before you can create a meaningful relationship. If you find yourself jumping from one relationship to the next and only feeling isolated when you are by yourself I can tell you this; you will never be happy unless you learn to find solitude on your own, unless you discover the values of yourself and enjoy your own company and unless you…

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