Courtship Dances and Head Trauma

Steve writes of courtship in a quite fun way.


When I was single I had a pretty sophisticated repertoire when it came to the subtle art of wooing the ladies. It ranged somewhere between pulling pigtails and teasing like a 10 year old, or just kind of being around all the time like your average harmless stalker. Take it easy ladies, I know you’re all swooning at your keyboards, but I am completely off the market.

I know Nikki shared the story of how we first started our relationship, and when I stopped drinking tequila – The Night My Heart Was Stolen By Gilligan. The part that was left out between that and marriage and our son, was the courtship. Yes there was some teasing, but mostly I took the stalker angle. Nikki lived in a duplex next door to some mutual friends. This gave me an easy excuse to always be there. I would find any reason to visit…

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