When Everything In You Is Tired

Veronike writes on the lessons of being tired.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

We all go through such times. Times where we struggle to keep our heads above the water as we swim through a marathon of raging seas. For a minute we may stop swimming, hold our breath and sink under the water feeling our bodies float as it’s carried by water without gravity. The feeling we are free of – of aching muscles, burning lungs, waves splashing in our face, the salt stinging our eyes – it’s all gone as we go down under and we’re tempted to stop rising back up again and just give in. That’s how I often feel and I am sure many of you feel.

Today especially I am tired of dragging my exhausted mind and body along and rushing through days with stress and too many responsibilities and tasks. As I drove back from my doctor’s appointment this afternoon I felt like all my entire…

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