Tips For Fighting Migraine

The Skinny One has Migraines and some tips on dealing with them.

Skinny and Single


This is a sponsored post, I received samples from TheraSpecs for my review.

Who gets migraines? I do! I do!

I have spent many an hour convincing myself that a migraine was a just free light show and hangover. Really, they CAN be fun. Ok, I’m lying, just like I lied when I said I was enjoying my menopause.

I get migraines from various sources:

Fluorescent lighting
Computer screens
Raindrops on my windshield
That guy

I’ve spent hours in dark rooms, in sunglasses, in bed; just waiting for it to end.

When I saw an ad for TheraSpecs, I knew I had to try them. I’m sick of light, rain and computers making me want to die.


How about you? Do you get migraines? Do you want to die? I’ve got you, visit their website, I bet they can help.

From their website:

Every day light can be…

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