To Those Who Feel Too Much

Veronike writes on feeling “too much”.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

If you’re like me… Always feeling everything, noticing everything, caring about everything and everyone and loving hard then you are what is called an empath. You absorb people’s emotions and most of the time make accurate deductions from their behaviour. You know when they’re annoyed, sad, happy, something is bothering or someone’s about to break up with you and you’re hyperaware of shifts in your surroundings. It’s your intuition. Sad movies can be overwhelming, the TV and radio can be maddening, you cannot watch the news because the tragedies hurt you too much, you always want to fix the broken, you can never say no, you love hard and never stop, when people you love leave, they take a piece of you with them and you care much more about the things of the world than what’s good for you. You always try to understand everyone and they don’t understand…

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