An open letter to the Judges, Senators and Citizens of Canada, as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Devon lays it on the line.

Devon J Hall

I Hereby give permission for anyone (including members of the press) to share, copy, post and paste the following blog post anywhere and everywhere in hopes that it helps 1 person from going through the things I have been through. – Devon J Hall aka SynDolly

Tonight I learned for certain that you do not support victims of sexual assault, nee Rape.

I learned that Judges, in open court said things like;

“Why didn’t she close her knees?”

“Inebriation equals consent”

“Young lady you should consider your behavior instead of crying rape after the fact.”

Lynn Beyak recently defended the Aboriginal School System.

I am shocked, and disgusted and not for the first time to be ashamed to be Canadian.

In the schools alone, six thousand children died – were murdered, because of the abuse they suffered.

Every day in Canada boys and girls, are taken from their families because of…

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