You Get What You Ask For…

Devon ponders one of the great mysteries.

Devon J Hall

interior-decorated-20How many times have you stopped and whispered “I wish….” or “If only…”? What about when you say a prayer? No matter what your religion or creed we all stop at some point in time and ask the universe for something. Some of you may ask God or the Goddess, others may ask Krishna or Allah…whatever word you use to label it the intent is the same right?

When we pray we do so because we want to ask the Universe or God, or Allah for something. To enrich our lives somehow.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. When I was twelve I saw a movie called “Teen Witch” it was cheesy and silly and yet at the same time I remember thinking about how cool life would be if I had magical powers.

A few weeks after my thirteenth birthday a girl came to school and started talking…

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