My Almost Son

Devon tells a story of loss and a perhaps ironic sort of healing.

Devon J Hall

Artist – Stefan Pabst

Nine years ago I was in an abusive relationship and I was pregnant. At the time I had a problem with my wisdom tooth that went severely misdiagnosed. All the doctors did was give me pills. “J”, my boyfriend at the time filled me with a mixture of whiskey and morphine trying to make the pain stop. What he knew and what I didn’t know however is that I was also pregnant.

Since none of the doctors I’d seen at Surrey Memorial felt a need to take a blood test I had no way of knowing that I was pregnant. I also had no way of knowing that he was slowly killing our child. After many years of self discovery and reliving every moment of my time with J over and over I realized that not only did he know I was pregnant, he had gotten someone…

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