Why I write about love

Alfa answers a question


“Why is it you only write about love?”

I’m asked this over and over, and the truth is this:
Love trumps everything.
It defines our emotions, whether they be happy or sad. No matter the obstacles we face in our daily lives, love has its place. It is interwoven throughout, and always a factor.

I could write about many other things, horror, politics, travel… and I do on occasion, but I share what matters to me.

Strength derived from being weak.

Hope stemming from hopelessness.

Self love wiping out self hate.

Understanding that you are not alone in heart warfare.

You only understand how precious love is when you have it taken away from you.

You learn from it.

You recognize it when it knocks on your heart ‘s door again.
So when I’m called the Heart Whisperer, The Queen of Heartache, The Sappy Southerner, The Love Quote Lady…


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