Owning My OCD – Like A Boss

Nikki celebrates a win.

Flying Through Water


I had an experience this weekend that really opened my eyes about the progress I’ve made with my OCD. I’ve talked at great lengths openly and honestly here about my OCD diagnosis and how it has affected my life. I’ve shared in details with my online tribe how it makes me feel and how misunderstood OCD is. BUT I don’t talk about it a lot in my private life. It’s so much harder to explain to someone standing in front of you how OCD really is. It feels very…exposed… and it makes me feel very vulnerable.


This past weekend I went to check the mail and noticed my neighbor who is moving soon standing in her driveway. I waved…she waved and then a bit of chatter started up. We talked about her having a potential yard sale and about why she is moving. We gabbed for a few and…

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