How Empowering Women Helps Us All #BroTalk

In a way, this makes me a bit sad – sad that an argument is even needed for something so self-evident, or that should be.

Open Thought Vortex

As you may have noticed, March over here on OTV Magazine has been all about the empowerment of women. You might also notice that this here is a column about men and boys and issues faced by my side of the gender coin and wonder why I’m talking about the ladies today.

Answer: Save the cheerleader, save the world.

Wait, wrong quote… or is it? I mean, the malefolk do seem to be doing pretty well, what with so many proud penis owners in so many positions of power, but can we truly say that’s good for all the XYers? And what about the dudes sporting those XX chromosomes? Or the boys who like boys? Or the straight dudes who just wanna be that cheerleader? Or boys who wanna grow up to be teachers? Or single men who want to adopt all the babies without a wife to do…

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