Embracing My Schizophrenia

Welcome a new (at least to me) voice on schizophrenia.

Survival is a Talent

There’s a man who stands on my front lawn every morning. Well. Not a man. My hallucination of a man.

The first time he showed up, he scared me. I thought he was an actual human being standing on my property, staring at me. I started to get up from the table to grab my phone, lock the door, whatever, but as I moved and maintained eye contact, he vanished. Poofed into thin air.

“Ah,” I said to myself. “Not a real person.” I put the phone down and went back to writing my to-do list. Within 15 minutes, I had forgotten about him, but the next day, he was back again.

Since then, he’s been there nearly every morning. I don’t mind him. In fact, I have grown to love him. He’s a visible signal from my brain, a sign that I’m awake and ready to write. He’s a…

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