Why I don’t hate Tomi Lahren

Beth has some interesting reflections on a media drama.

Sarahbeth Caplin

blaze_beyonce_160210a-800x430I’ve been meaning to write about Tomi Lahren for a while. I’ve been reading about her recent firing from The Blaze after “coming out” as pro-choice, the same way that traffic slows down so drivers can gawk at an accident at the side of the road. The smug, childish part of me praises karma (something I only believe in for smug, childish reasons). The wiser, more introspective part of me thinks, I wonder if there’s any chance she can learn from this.

I’ve had similar “Tomi moments.” Not that I’ve ever had even 1% of her notoriety. But I know the feeling of professing a belief that could be a dealbreaker among the crowd you’re supposed to belong to (or, in Tomi’s case, the one that writes your paycheck). In seminary, I had moments of saying The Wrong Thing (like letting it slip that I drank and tried pot once…

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