The Creep That Is Bipolar Disorder.

Hetti writes of the changeableness of Bipolar.

The Triumphant Weed

Living with Bipolar Disorder has probably been the biggest challenge of my life. Whilst other things have come along that are not particularly pleasant, they have, given time disappeared. Bad relationships come to an end, blistered hearts find new templates, money troubles smooth over. Bipolar Disorder, on the other hand, never leaves.

With age, I find it creeps about more, is less direct, less savage as it skirts around the edges of my life. When it first stepped back, I naively thought that a form of acquiescence had taken place, the optimistic belief my will alone had bound the mercurial one to the back seat. I was wrong. It steals about not because some sort of yielding has occurred, a quiet pacification, or it has been persuaded to be mild-mannered and congenial but more, and this is only my belief, it knows my brain. The hidden landscape of my synapses…

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