When You Feel Like You’re Failing At Life

Veronike writes on dealing with bad news.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

I realised life is always a challenge of being in or out. Right or wrong. Enough or not. The right fit or the wrong fit. Accepted or rejected. Chosen or left behind. Winner or loser. Making the cut or not making the cut. Every single thing in life seems to have a line and your constant battle is to cross the right side of it. You battle for a job. You battle for a relationship. You battle to be loved. You battle to stay healthy. You battle for being acknowledged. Everything seems to have become a question of either enough or not at all. There is no in between. You gain or you lose. And that is hard and messed up most days.

Yesterday I received some unfortunate news. Currently, I am a final year medical student and honestly, life is tough. Not only is medicine something that takes you…

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