Fuck Creep Catchers Support #OpPedoHunt Instead!

Devon has some strong opinions.

Devon J Hall

Yup I’m saying it. I have mostly kept my mouth shut because I hadn’t met or seen them in person and I try my best to not comment unless I have first hand experience, now I do.

As mom and I were leaving wal-mart after picking up some much needed dental equipment for the pup I walk out the door to see a man being filmed by a group of people yelling and screaming and calling him names. My immediate reaction? “Oh fuck off.”

Here’s my major issue with CC and Ryan LeForge, they don’t really care about victims. They care about getting their names in the papers and becoming famous.

I flat out asked them “Why are you guys constantly in the papers?” In response I was screamed and yelled at and told to Fuck off. If you really cared about victims you’d do it anonymously as #OpPedoHunt has…

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