Well…..Says The Mouthy Mermaid…..It Took Renee to Get Me Motivated

More from The Mermaid getting back in the Blog Groove.

Tales From A Mouthy Mermaid

Good Morning Dear Mermaid Sweet Friends,

The lives and times of Thelma Thomas The Mouthy Mermaid have been ok.  I have just been unmotivated about this blog and not knowing where to take it so I am going to take it wherever.  And I know you all will help me……

So, in my Mermaid travels, an interesting thing has happened, I manages Social Media for a few people, 1 person who is a wonderful writer and 1 person who owns a business.  I would like to take on one or 2 more people, so starting The Mouthy Mermaid has turned into a little side job for me.  I have met so many interesting and fun people doing this.  I love it.

In the mean time of life, I had to get a new computer, so of course I lost lots of material.  Of course.  But I am learning to print…

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