The Truth is I don’t feel beautiful

Devon writes on the challenge of feeling beautiful.

Devon J Hall

There are days I look in the mirror and I’m like “Damn I’m hot.” Then I take a picture. There are other days that I look in the mirror and want to hide, it’s perfectly natural. You know what is not natural? Making a joke when someone pays us a compliment.

Often times I’ll be watching down the street and see a gorgeous child and of course I’ll pay that child a compliment, you know what they say? “Thank you.” You know what most adults do? They sniff or roll their eyes or make a joke about lighting. This is not natural behavior it’s learned. We have allowed ourselves to become a society that thrives on negativity, we feed off of it because we’re so used to being insulted and talked down to that when someone gives us a compliment we’re genuinly surprised and shocked. “Oh you think I’m beautiful?…

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