Living Ghost Girl

Devon on not becoming a ghost alive.

Devon J Hall

There are few movies that truly inspire me or at the very least that I relate to. This flick about the Kray twins is most definitely one of them.

Let’s start with the topic of Legend; it’s about twin brothers in the 1950s who rule the East End of England with an iron fist and in Ronnie Kray’s case, just a little bit of insanity.

I can understand that world because I lived in that world – though I was by no means a Francis. I was more the girl in charge of the Francis’s of the world. It was sort of an unspoken rule that I was the babysitter who made sure the girls stayed in line.

When a friend we’ll call Nina came to me and complained about the way she was being treated by her boyfriend – a rapper sometimes drug dealer, I sighed softly and pulled…

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