Lovely Lady Lumps

Devon on lumps and related feelings and thoughts

Devon J Hall

Screenshot_4It was just two days ago when Kim Rhodes, a TV Superhero asked if finding a lump always meant something bad. I respect Kim and so I told her to see a doctor…thankfully she was already on the ball.

It was because Kim asked this question that I decided to tell my doctor I had found some lumps of my own and ask if I should be concerned. As it turns out, I have reason to be concerned. More importantly, my doctor is concerned. Not just at the fact that there are lumps…but that there are clusters of them.

We don’t know if they are cancerous, but he’s expecting surgery to remove them at the very least. So right now I am waiting to have a mammogram.

Anyone who has been born with female genitalia more so than men (it’s more common in women so don’t get pissy) understands exactly what…

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