PedoSexual Is not a Thing You Should Be Fighting For

Devon is clearly, and loudly not in favor of the sexual abuse of children. There are triggers here.

Devon J Hall

You know by now that as a child I was convinced that I was going to hell, because I was sexually victimized by a man in his thirties. I was told by a Priest that it didn’t matter that I hadn’t wanted it, that I was not interested in losing my virginity, I was now tainted and was going to hell.

Now there are some people in the world that would say he was full of shit because I was just a child, a victim and no man or woman has the right to sexualize a child.

There are others however that swear by their “sexual freedom” and proclaim that they have the right to sexualize anyone they want, including a child. I was going to leave this for a Tuesday Blog post because I’ve already written one this week but now I’ve seen something that makes me feel so…

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