Conversations with a Slave

Devon learns something about a friend, and then something different.

Devon J Hall

If you know nothing about me, know first and foremost that I cherish my friends. My friends whether they are someone I’ve met in person or someone who lives on the other side of the planet, are the people who inspire me. Who push me to work harder so that one day I can go have my adventures in all the places that I’ve heard about.

Which is why when several years ago as one would be friend confided into me that she is a Slave who refers to her life partner as Master I admit…something inside of me died a little bit.

I have to tell you that when Lina first told me she was a slave I wasn’t thinking about her or her wellbeing. I was thinking about the hundreds of thousands of women and men who had spent generations fighting for the rights and freedoms of women. My…

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