BEAR – MAY 4, 2017, 8:30 AM

I didn’t see what time the bear arrived. I was busy checking email. When I looked, Bear was eating bird seed right behind the car. So, I set off the car alarm (The “Panic Button” on the clicker works even through the windows.). Bear went over behind a tree, obviously trying to figure out what happened, but didn’t run away. Taking pictures through the mini blinds didn’t work very well, but your can see the bear over by the tree on the right side.



I kept setting off the alarm and bear kept looking, finally heading back to where he had been eating.


With another round of car alarm, he moved over to this step where there was some bird seed.


I went upstairs to the deck off one of the bedrooms. I could just see Bear’s rump in this view.


I made some loud noise by slapping two boards together. Bear didn’t move.


This planter saucer works well like a very large Frisbee. I sailed it right over Bear. One thing I like bout it is that it woun’t actually hurt the bear if it does hit it.


That and more board banging did the trick. Bear went to this tree and climbed up it and over the fence. He walked away up the hill in the woods.


A few minutes later I hears somebody banging on some sort of sheet metal up on the next street and figured Bear was getting a “move along” message from somebody.


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