The Purge

Devon is purging, and its not about an eating disorder.

Devon J Hall

“If I want to get ahead I need to leave some people behind”

I just saw this on one of those internet tests and it hit a cord with me. Do you agree this might be true? I think it is.

Over the weekend, as I promised in my newsletter, I began the process of purging my home.

In recovery they teach you that putting too much emphasis on people places and things can destroy your life. It occurred to me that I have had far too much crap in my home. I found some beautiful memories while I was purging, like for instance my old journals – nearly all of them from ten years ago. And some wonderful books I forgot I owned, but a lot of the stuff I purged was just crap. Stuff I was holding on to.

You see the truth is that for the last…

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