3 Transition Obstacles I Never Expected as Mentally Ill and Transgender

Sam brings a clear and hard won knowledge to issues facing people seeking help with Trans and mental illness problems.

Let's Queer Things Up!

Originally published at Everyday Feminism.

“I think we need to hold off on this,” the therapist tells me, “until you’re doing a little better.”

My heart dropped. I was stunned, sitting in total silence.

This was the third time I’d been given a red light and told not to proceed with top surgery – a surgery I desperately needed, but struggled to access because of my mental illness.

This was a struggle I knew all too well as both mentally ill and trans – a struggle many of my other transgender friends had never even heard of.

Intersectional feminism tells us that the various aspects of our identity will impact our lived experiences – especially as it relates to power and privilege.

This is true for me as a transgender person who is also white, and thus does not experience racism and benefits from white privilege. I think…

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One thought on “3 Transition Obstacles I Never Expected as Mentally Ill and Transgender

  1. Sadly, i know what you want, would be the finishing bring your organic vehicle on line with your electrical soul…

    In today’s medical, surgery, they are butchers…

    What you will receive, will be functional, an at first, a dream come true…
    Then you will realize, because of our lack in medical science..

    Functional with limitations…

    You’ll see your dream fall…

    Besides, keeping what you have, within the sexual world, would be more appealing,
    an desired probably more…

    Tis this i honestly say in sexual lov….



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