Hasty brings a Mother’s Day thanks to her mom. It is beautiful.


I wasn’t easy to raise.

I was oblivious, absent minded, dangerously curious, and constantly getting into things.  I hear the stories everytime the family gathers and wonder, “who the heck are they talking about?”  My brother likens me to the female Dennis the Menace.  I often think my mom must really be Beverly Cleary because the Romona the Pest books seem way too familiar.

If I wasn’t sticking tweezers into light sockets or overloading electrical outlets by stringing together too many Christmas lights, I was trying to be the first to reach the power lines behind the tree in our backyard.

There was a time I loved worms. I’d find them and put them in my coat pocket. My mom would find them later all crispy.

Taking kids shopping is normally a challenge and I was no different. If I wasn’t hiding in clothes racks, I was leaving my shoes in front of…

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