Rape has a new name, it’s called Ghosting

I didn’t know about the new meaning of a word that Devon writes about here, but then I’m an Old Fart and out of touch sometimes.

Devon J Hall


nce upon a time, like less than four months ago if I remember correctly “Ghosting” meant not calling a girl back. (Or a guy if we’re being honest.) It meant making people think that you were genuinely interested in pursuing something serious with them, right before you vanished from existence leaving behind feelings of confusion, misunderstanding and inadequacy.

It has however come to my attention that the term has, as is the way currently, evolved to mean something far more disastrous, disgusting and devastating.

Now “Ghosting” means entering into a consensual sexual interaction, and then secretly slipping the condom off.

Apparently this is such a well known phenomenon that even my bff’s ten year old son knows what it is.

Please excuse my crudeness when I ask you fine young gentlemen what the fuck is wrong with you?!

“It just feels better without a condom” Oh yeah mother fucker? remember…

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