10 Reasons Surrey, BC Sucks

Devon writes about her home town with her usual flair.

Devon J Hall

Now I’ve always hated the phrase “Surrey Girl” because for those of us who live here, the nickname isn’t pleasant. In Surrey, BC calling a woman a “Surrey Girl” usually means you have little to no respect for them. In short, you’re calling her a whore. Not cool.

That all being said I am without a doubt, a Surrey Girl. That is I am a girl from Surrey and since I’ve been here since I was sixteen, I honestly feel that I now have the right to say how I truly feel about this city.

So let’s start with the obvious shall we?

1Surrey is fucking boring. I love that we have so much nature around us, which is awesome I mean everywhere you look there are big beautiful luscious green trees. They match well with the green and gray buildings. Sadly it doesn’t look much better from close up. There…

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