When Once A Teenager And Very Depressed.

Hetti – when depression came sneaking in.

The Triumphant Weed

I can’t remember getting depressed. It didn’t appear out of the blue. I simply, over one long hot summer, stopped being who I thought I was. Depression is like that I find. It creeps along, quiet, unassuming, and often unnoticed. For something so ambitious and uncompromising, so relentless and persistent, the efforts it adopts to appear unknown and unseen before it systematically lays siege to your mindare really quite remarkable. Maybe it deserves a prize?


No one knew I had begun to struggle primarily due to my age. My parents referred to my teenage years asthat ‘that funny age’ – I initially thought they meant funny for me, they certainly felt funny to me (and intense, confusing, full of angst andseething blackheads) but I believe they meant for themselves. Funny didn’t mean amusement, or humour. I wasn’t keeping them entertained with jokes and hilarious anecdotes of my great adolescent ‘life…

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