The Mouthy Mermaid talks About Owning Your Choices?????

The Mermaid writes about choices.

Tales From A Mouthy Mermaid

Good Morning Dear Readers,

As usual today I was looking for writing inspiration and not really finding much in me so I went to my Louise Hay book, Everyday Positive Thinking, by Louise Hay and Friends and found something that sounded like a good little thought today:  Here we go……

You’ve made some bad choices, you’ve made some good choices, and you’ve made some so-so choices.  Most important, they’re yours—–All of them.

-Anne Wilson Schaef

Well, I think we have all done that, I know I have.  The most important thing I have learned is OWNING YOUR CHOICE, NO EXCUSES!!!!!!  I know the bad choices that I have made have been all on me……


  • Being uneducated in the choice
  • Not listening to my gut feeling, but in the old days I didn’t even understand that one.
  • Not processing the choice.
  • Not weighing all the good, bad and ugly.
  • Just…

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