Believe It Or Not, *I CAN* Make Fun Of COVFEFE Without Forgetting We Are In Real & Serious Danger

“Only with your laughter can you win.”

Open Thought Vortex

*In Barenaked Ladies voice*

iiiiit’s been ONE WEEK since you “covfefe!”…

Just kidding. It’s been five days.

But still, goes to show you how fast the “Trump incompetence news cycle” is these days!

Why, I’m old enough to remember the time we spent a full ten, eleven days IN SHOCK because tapes had surfaced of Candidate Trump BRAGGING about committing sexual assault! Well, not anymore. Nowadays? Feh!

When it comes to Trump Tidbits, we have mere hours to hit it & forget it, or else we’d be caught in a swarm of incompetency; constantly buzzing around us from all sides of the media! A swarm, I say! Much like bees used to be! I’m also old enough to remember bees. 

Oh, bother!

And so, I wanna talk about covfefe.

True story: I once dated a guy who later confessed that every Facebook message he ever sent me, he typed out in…

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