No I do not need compassion – I need A reason to keep fighting

Devon says she does not need compassion, but an army. She is a strong voice.

Devon J Hall

Screenshot_15My friend and inspiration Rachel Thompson posted this today and it matters. It is hugely important to note that the troll and abuse she is referring to is someone who accused Rachel of seeking attention when she created the “#WhySurvivorsDontReport” hashtag on Twitter.

Now you all know I love Rachel, I worship at the feet of the pedestal I have put her on, but as I said on Twitter, and as I reiterate here, I do not need compassion.

I don’t need nor do I want, people looking at me with pity or empathy. I don’t need nor want people telling me they are sorry when I share my story. Why are you sorry? Did you rape me? Did you give my ex-boyfriend the drugs that made him decide to kill his unborn child and believe it was a good idea? No. It’s not your fault, you did nothing wrong…

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