30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge; Introduction & Day 1 and 2

Veronike reviews the course of her chronic illnesses. It is worth the read, especially if you have one (or, more), and even if you don’t.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

I haven’t written about targeted issues on my mental illness as such since my old blog. As I said, its main focus was awareness and self-expression of mental illness and various topics around it. But I had become way more than just writing about mental illness and being defined by it and so wanted to end that chapter and focus on growth, regardless of the challenges in growth that may come. I recall doing this challenge early on when my old blog had come into existence and it was probably an approach to understanding I posted about that I remember most. So, I stumbled upon these questions again and felt like re-answering them and realising much has happened in my journey since I initially answered them. This 30 day challenge may not be one of the topics you wish to read or find interest in and so daily posting them…

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