Chronic Illness Challenge: Day 5 & 6

Veronike continues this excellent series.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

Do you believe mental illness is due to nature (biology/physiology) or nurture (environment)? Do you have a history of mental illness in your family?

This is one of the questions I often fervently argue about with people. Many believe it is your environment you grew up in that made some major personality change in you and hence you have a distorted perception of the world. On the other end are those who believe that it is purely biological and physiological; genetic and chemical abnormalities along with structural abnormalities in your brain. Science has obviously already proved the latter. What has also been said according to the literature is that it’s 40% environmental and 60% physiological. I believe both have a role in it. In my early childhood I had constant major stressors and trauma at home. Since age 5 up until 18 none of it ended. What has been talked…

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