Chronic Illness Challenge: Day 7 & 8

Veronike reflects on the nature of triggers and not being her illness.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

Do you think there are triggers or patterns to how your illness affects you?

Yes! Definitely. I have learned this the hard way over and over. I have several triggers that seem to bring on the feelings associated with depression and anxiety or worsen the already existing symptoms. Some of them are inexplicable and so I think may very much have to do with associations; making a link with how I was during a specific event or thing and when I am reminded of the event or thing my brain is also reminded of what I felt. Firstly is the onset of Winter. I tend to start developing a lower mood that lingers for weeks. Of course this sounds like the seasonal depression that is well known due to darker, shorter days and a lack of Vitamin D due to no sun exposure that has been described but in my…

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