30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge Day 15 & 16

Veronike writes about the differences mental illness has made, and has not, in her life and self.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

How would things be different if you weren’t ill?

I’ve thought and still think about this often. What type of person would I be if none of this ever happened? I think one should be realistic and not blame all your life problems on your mental illness. Face it, life wouldn’t be all moonlight and roses and pain wouldn’t be absent. But what I think would be different is that I would’ve missed out on way less of life. Depression has stolen that from me for years. You lose the ability to care about life and relationships and all you’re doing is existing, not living. So perhaps, I would’ve been more involved and created new friendships, went on more adventures and in general had the sense of enjoyment for life that everyone always described. Also, I would’ve finished university along with the people in my first year because I wouldn’t…

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