Your suicide story doesn’t rule them all

Sarahbeth continues to reflect on “13 Reasons” and how suicidal people are judged.

Sarahbeth Caplin

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The following contains spoilers about the book/Netflix series

13-reasons-why-season-1-13-tape-7-side-a-hannah-suicide-katherine-langford-review-episode-guide-list-300x168Weeks after I finished the series, I still can’t let Thirteen Reasons Why go. I’m still seeing Facebook posts from people who are a bit late to the party, asking if it’s worth watching. Still reading the same responses from people who wrote as if they had never seen it, or just went straight to the gritty parts and watched without context.

I don’t particularly love the book, and the side plots added to the TV series (no doubt to stretch it out for thirteen episodes, and now a whole second season when there isn’t even a second book, good grief) had me shaking my head multiple times. But I started to feel a little defensive.

Then, Michelle Carter was found guilty of manslaughter by a judge. She was charged with driving her…

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