30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge: Day 21 & 22

Veronike writes of being open about her illness and issues of diagnosis and treatment.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

How ‘out’ are you about your illness to friends and colleagues and how has it affected your work?

Obviously I am very open about it. I mean, I have a public blog about it and I share all posts on my blog’s Facebook page. Also, all my friends know. I feel it is important in order for them to understand my behaviour and to support me. If they judge me, then they were never really worth being friends with. I’ve had much resistance though and it wasn’t all as easy. I remember with one of my best friends I started studying medicine with, we went through quite a bad patch when we were in 4th year and I had to discontinue my year due to Anorexia and Depression. She grew up with a family that has a view of “Pull yourself together, everyone goes through good and bad times.” So…

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