30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge: Day 23 & 24

Veronike describes good days, bad days, and current treatment working.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

Explain a good day and a bad day.

I think instead of just a good or bad day I have the whole zoo all mixed in variations. Some days are just good, some days are just terrible and some days are a mix between them.

A good day for me is generally one in which my emotions were in check, I felt in control, I had no anxiety and I didn’t have any feelings of depression. On a good day I can manage more. I work a little faster and my concentration and focus is good. I am very productive and have enough energy. I am not exuberantly happy. I’ve never had such a day. I’m just at peace. On a good day I also enjoy doing things more. I enjoy talking to people, I joke around a bit, I enjoy my gym time and I love every minute of…

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