Chronic Illness Challenge: Day 25 & 26

Veronike writes about her illness with respect to relationships and children.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

Do you think living with your illness inhibits/harms romantic relationships?

Unfortunately, as much as it shouldn’t, it does. This is because of people not knowing how to deal with you having had, and possibly having again, severe depression. The things is, you start dating and they only see the healthy you and the true you, but then the point comes where you have to be open and tell them about your struggles because it has been such a big part of your life. One can explain the medical aspect of it very well to them and they understand that and they say that they would never judge you or run from you, but deep down it ends up affecting them more than they care to admit, and I am saying this from experience. Obviously, I have seen, and know of, couples who dealt with it so amazingly no matter…

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