Five Reasons Dogs Are Not People

The Skinny One defends dogs being dogs, not people, which does not include those people who are (metaphorically) dogs.

Skinny and Single


So yesterday I spent a good five hours in a heated conversation (with lunatics) about how I must be an animal abuser for calling a dog a dog. Look, I called it a dog because it’s a dog, not for any other reason. Loving an animal as much as a human does not make it human. Dogs are not your children, yes, even though you can’t have children of your own, that doesn’t magically make animals human.

Dogs are not human. This is a fact.

Here are five actual reasons why dogs are not people.

1. Dogs eat their own shit. Do people do that? I have never seen a person sniffing around their backyard and eating shit. Never, I’ve never heard of it either. It does not happen.

2. Dogs clean themselves and their puppies with their tongues. When people give birth, do they lick down the baby? Here…

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